Effect of Plant Density on Seed Yield and Yield Components of Two Lentil Cultivars (Lens culinaris Medik.)



To study the effect of plant density on seed yield and yield components of two lentil cultivars a field experiment using factorial design based on a complete block design was conducted with three replications at research farm of college of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Tehran (Karaj) in 2008. Treatments were lentil varieties (Ziba, Mardom), and plant densities (80, 160, 240, 320 plants m-2). Results showed that the lentil varieties differed significantly in some agronomic traits such as plant height, branches number & 100-seed weight, but were non-significant for seed yield. With increasing plant density per unit area the plant height, biological and seed yield increased, but the branches number, pod per plant and harvest index decreased. These results indicated that plant density could increase lentil seed yield to certain extent; however beyond the optimal plant density yield reduction would occur through decreasing yield components such as branches number, pod per plant, 100-seed weight and harvest index. The lentil cultivars response to plant density showed the maximum seed and biological yields at 160 and 240 plants m-2, respectively. Correspondingly positive and significant relationships were observed between pod per plant, biological yield, harvest index and seeds per pod with seed yield.