Isolation and Phylogenetic Survey of Partial Glutathione Transferase Tau Class Gene from Eleven Cultivars of Iranian Bread Wheat



Glutathione Transferase (GST) is a family of multifunctional detoxification enzymes which are mainly cytosolic that detoxify natural and exogenous toxic compounds through conjugation with glutathione tripeptide. Its conjugates can be transported to vacuoles or apoplast. These conjugates are generally less toxic than the parent compounds. Glutathione transferase is identified and isolated from many organisms including different species of plants. In this study, isolation and characterization of GST genes was carried out from eleven bread wheat cultivars for the first time. DNA extraction, primer design, PCR, Electrophoresis, column purification, DNA sequencing and bioinformatics analysis led to on identification of new sequences of glutathione transferases. These sequences were submitted to NCBI GenBank with FI131235, FI131236, FI131237, FI131238, FI131239, FI131242, FI131243, FI131244, FI131246, FI131247 and FI131248 accession numbers for TaGST of Alvand, Bayat, Besostaya, Chamran, Darab1, Mahouti, Omid, Roushan, Sardari, Shahi and Zarrin bread wheat, respectively. These sequences prepare the basis for gene transfer of glutathione transferase to sensitive plants in oxidative stresses and xenobiotics.