Analysis of the stability of housekeeping genes expression for studying gene expression in rice using by Real-time PCR

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A significant progress has been made in the expression profiling of living organism with invention of real time PCR, because this method is one of the suitable methods for evaluating the expression of genes. In this method, it is crucial to control the error observed between samples. Normalization with a house keeping gene is widely utilized to check the errors observed among samples in this method. In the current study, we evaluated expression patterns of 10 housekeeping genes under salinity stresses. We treated the eight- week old plants under salinity stress at concentrations of 0 and 300 Mm. Samples of leaves and roots were collected from the treated plants at 0, 12, 24, 48 and 72 hour post treatment. Expression analysis of the obtained data was performed via geNorm software and it was shown that the eIF-4a as well as ACT7 genes in the root tissues and GAPDH and ACT11 in the leaf tissues was constitutively expressed. Based on the results gained from the analysis trough Best Keeper, the eIF-4a gene (in root) and UBQ10 and eIF-4a (in leaf) showed the highest correlation with the index of Best keeper. Thus, we concluded that the eIF-4a, ACT7, GAPDH, UBQ10 and ACT11 genes could be considered as suitable housekeeping genes to be used in the normalization of the derived from Rice.


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