The effect of methanol foliar application on yield and morphological characteristics of sesame (Sesamum indicum.L).

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1 shahrood university

2 Associate Professor, Shahrood University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding


In order to evaluate the effects of methanol concentration (0,20-40, 60% v/v) and methanol spraying time (before and after flowering) on yield and some morphological characteristics of sesame, a field experiment was performed at the research farm of Jiroft University in 2016. The trials arranged in a factorial experiment based on a randomized complete block design with four replications. Based on results, Methanol concentration had significant effects on all studied characteristics in experiment, so that the highest and lowest mean value was related to the 40% methanol concentration and control respectively. Methanol spraying time significantly influenced on stem diameter, seed number, harvest index and 1000 seed weight so that the highest and lowest mean was obtained at before and after flowering respectively. The interaction of methanol concentration and methanol spraying time were significant on leaf area index, leaf number, length branches, number of lateral branches, number of capsules, seed number, plant height, shoot dry weight and seed yield. The best treatment in this study was a foliar application with 40% methanol concentration in the pre-flowering stage. According to the results, it can be concluded that the use of methanol could greatly improve the yield, and morphological characteristics of sesame.


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