Evaluation of genetic diversity of lentil germplasm using RAPD molecular marker

Document Type : Research Paper



Genetic diversity is the basis success of improving the quality and quantity of crops. Recognizing of genetic diversity and genetic potential of each plant species in plant breeding is necessary. In this study genetic diversity of 30 lentil samples belonging to collection of the college of agriculture of Krage were evaluated using RAPD molecular markers. RAPD products were scored for presence (1) or absence (0). 15 primers among 50 primers were used. 143 bands were scored. 137 bands were polymorphic. The primer UBC611 revealed highest polymorphic bands (16 bands) and the lowest polymorphic bands (5 bands) belonged to primers (G, B, UBC502 and J). Cluster analysis was carried out according to WPGMA algorithm with the Dice similarity coefficient. The studied genotypes were classified into four main groups at the similarity coefficient of 0.56. The similarity varied from 0.44 to 0.89. The highest similarity (0.89) was found between Yunan and Shili 16 genotypes, whereas, the lowest was between Shili 2 and Shili 17 (0.44). According to the obtained results, there is a high and suitable option to assess genetic diversity among genotypes of lentils and RAPD molecular markers.