Identification of Chromosome Segments of Rye 1RS in Aegilops Genus using DNA Specific Molecular Marker



Plant breeders use rye (Secale cereale L.) as a foreign genetical resource tool in increasing wheat genetical variations. 1R chromosome and especially its short arm, 1RS has been introduced into wheat genome frequently. 1RS studies and effective selection is used in cytogenetical, chemicals techniques and DNA markers. Present study was conducted to investigate the presence of rye chromosome segments in some species of Poaceae family using specific pair primer 1RS (RyeR3/F3). For this, genomic DNA of rye, wheat and some species of the genus Aegilops were extracted and polymerase chain reaction performed with TaKaRa Ex TaqTM enzyme. The results of this study showed the expected amplified sequence of the gypsy-like retrotransposons (1451bp length) in rye, bread wheat, Ae. biuncialis, Ae. crassa, Ae. cylindrica, Ae. kotschyi, Ae. speltoides and Ae. taushii samples on agarose gel, and their bands accuracy was confirmed by using the sequencing data. By drawing phylogenetic trees, bread wheat and rye were in a cluster and Ae. crassa, Ae. taushii, Ae. speltoides, Ae. cylindrica and Ae. biuncialis were located in other cluster, and Ae. kotschyi had the most genetic distance from wheat and rye based on the sequence of retrotransposons. These results indicate that this retrotransposon specific sequence is inside of many genomes of the Poaceae family.