Heritability of Yield and Associated Traits in Smooth Brome Grass Genotypes (Bromus inermis)



In order to investigate production potential, variation and genetic similarity of selected Iranian smooth brome grass (Bromus intermis) genotypes, an experiment was conducted using clonally propagated materials. Genotypes were evaluated for agronomic, phenological and morphological characteristics under a randomized complete block design during 2005 and 2006. Results showed that there were significant differences between genotypes for all traits indicating high genetic diversity in studied germplasem that can be suitable for selecting genotypes in the germplasm. Genotypic coefficients of variation evaluated for seed and forage yield were the highest while the lowest detected for days to pollination, plant and peduncle length and crown diameter. The strong estimates of heritability were observed for days to headings and days to pollination, while the lowest was observed for crown diameter. Cluster analysis on the studied attributes grouped genotypes into three clusters. Regarding all of the measured characters the least and the most similar accessions were identified to be used in the future breeding projects. Finally, the genotypes number 1, 5, 16, 19 and 23 were suggested for developing synthetic variety.