Investigating Univariate and Multivariate Stability Parameters of Barley (Hordeum voulgare L.) Promising Genotypes in Cold Climate of Iran



In order to study the response of barley lines to different environmental conditions and evaluate the stability of grain yield, 20 promising barley lines were tested bsed on randomized complete block design with 3 replications, at 8 research stations during two years in Iran (2006-2008). Five stability parameters of AMMI model and the univariate parameter indices contain Shukla and Bajpai were used to introduce the stable genotypes. For displaying biplot and classifying rank of parameters, a principal components analysis was used. By applying these parameters three genotypes showed a high general adaptation to all environments. One genotype was known as the unstable genotype in all environments. A high correlation was detected among the stability parameter ranks. Also the specific stability of genotypes was investigated by displaying the first two components of AMMI biplot. Two genotypes showed high specific stability to Karaj and Mashhad locations. One genotype showed the specific stability to Jolgherokh and Arak locations. In general, by estimated parameters one genotype was recognized as the most stable genotype in all environments.