Identification of High Molecular Weight Proteins in Aegilops crassa from Iran



In this study, 120 Aegilops crassa (MMDD genome) accessions from Iran were evaluated for high molecular weight proteins. Based on SDS-page analysis, 17 bands were selected and mass spectrometry was used for protein identification. Among 17 bands selected for MALDI-TOF-TOF-MS analyzing, only 4 bands were identified as high molecular weight glutenin subunit similar to Aegilops ventricosa and Triticum aestivum with high probability. Moreove, 2 bands as beta-amylase similar to Hordeum vulgare were detected and 11 of them had no MS/MS data. The results showed that the Iranian accessions of Aegilops crassa have favorable glutenin subunits that are useful in improving bread wheat quality.