QTL Mapping for some Agronomic Traits in Soybean (Glycine max)



Many QTLs related to agronomic triats have been registered in soybean (Glycine max) by different research groups during the last decade. Due to the interaction effects of QTLs, environmental and genetic backgrounds on the emergence of QTLs and also to confirm the previous results as well as to identify new QTLs, further studies are still required. In order to map QTL which control some agronomic triats, a population consisting of 140 F2 plants, derived from a cross between Williams-82×RGR-JAP, were genetypically assessed by employing 17 SSR and 70 AFLP markers. Ultimately, based on the expected mendelian segregation, 12 SSR and 50 AFLP markers were used for the genetic map along with QTL mapping. Phenotypic evaluation was carried out on 140 F2:3 families for 21 traits. In the end, the linkage map consisting of 13 linkage groups were perpared which covered the genetic map of 733 cM in length. QTL mapping was done using composite interval mapping method which collectively detected 13 QTLs for 10 traits. A major QTL with pleiotropic effects was detected between the two markers Satt-365 and Satt-489 in LG- U9. Results of previous studies confirmed the existence of this QTL. A QTL responsible for reproductive duration and as well for the no. of branches (close to Satt-231 marker in LG-U4) was also detected.