Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Landraces and Syntetic Cultivars of Alfalfa Using Seed Storage Protein



This investigation was conducted to compare the genetic variation of alfalfa Syn0 vs Syn1 and Ghara Yonja (parental cultivar) using seed storage proteins. Results of electrophoresis SDS-PAGE in seed storage protein, indicated that there are no significant differences between the means of distance intra-population obtained for Syn0 and Ghara Yonja (0.274 ± 0.0045, 0.270 ± 0.0081, respectively) as based upon simple matching coefficient. The mean of Syn1 genetic distance was significantly lower (0.251 ± 0.0081) than those of Syn0 and Ghara Yonja, indicating more similarity of intra-population in Syn1. Therefore, the results demonstrated the most within population genetic distance of Syn0 and Ghara Yonja in the inspected proteins (S1, S2, S3, total proteins). Information concerning genetic distance by protein marker along with other techniques such as morphological and DNA marker technique can be useful for an identification of suitable parents in hybridization breeding programs and as well in development of hybrids.