Germplasm Enhancement of Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Using D-Genome and Evaluation of Allelic Variation through SDS-PAGE



To enhance germplasms of bread wheat, a gene, encoding the smallest y-type High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunit (HMW GS) gene (12.4t) from the D-genome using synthetic hexaploid approach was introgressed into bread wheat. Tetraploid wheat
(T. turgidum cv. Langdon) was crossed with T. tauschii accession AUS24092. Immature embryos were rescued and placed onto B5 regeneration media. Hybrid F1 plants (ABD) were treated with colchicine. Synthetic hexaploid L/24092 was isolated and used in further crossing programs. Bread wheat cvs Baxter and Sunvale were crossed with synthetic hexaploid L/24092. Doubled haploid lines were produced using F1 seeds and phenotyped for the presence of the HMW GS Dy12.4t protein, using SDS-PAGE of polymeric proteins. The doubled haploid lines were divided into 17 groups with different combinations of HMW GS, with and without the HMW GS (Dy12.4t) protein for functional studies. This research is a valuable step in evaluation and determination of quality characteristics of wheat flour considering storage proteins.