An Evaluation of Different Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum L.) Lines Under Stress and Non-stress Conditions



Twenty five durum wheat lines were evaluated under drought stress and non-stress conditions employing Randomized Complete Block Design of 4 replications. Significant differences were observed among the lines for most traits in either stress or non-stress conditions. Correlation analysis under non-stress conditions indicated that grains per spike and number of spikes per m2 and while under stress conditions, 1000 kernel weight and number of spiklets per spike had high positive significance with grain yield. Stepwise regression revealed that the 1000 kernel weight and peduncle length were the most affected characters both under stress and non- stress conditions. Path analysis illustrated that peduncle length had the highest direct effect on grain yield under either one of the environmental conditions. Among the drought resistance indices, harmonic mean, geometric mean productivity and stress tolerance index, were the most suitable ones to be considered in drought resistance selection. Based upon bi-plot display, lines 14, 20, 16, 17, 1 and 15 were found to be the most resistant.