Author = Joudi, Mehdi
The Pattern of Dry Matter Partitioning in Wheat Genotypes under Irrigation and Drought Stress Conditions

Volume 42, Issue 4, February 2012, Pages 821-832

Zeynab Bayat; Ali Ahmadi; Manijeh Sabokdast; Mehdi Joudi

Evaluation of Critical Traits for Improving Wheat Yield under Drought Stress

Volume 42, Issue 2, August 2011, Pages 373-385

Hamid Mohammadi; Ali Ahmadi; Foad Moradi; Alireza Abbasi; Kazem Poustini; Mehdi Joudi; Foad Fatehi

Evaluation of Stem Reserves Accumulation and Remobilization in Iranian Wheat Cultivars under Irrigated and Post-Anthesis Drought Stress Conditions

Volume 41, Issue 2, August 2010

Mehdi Judi; Ali Ahmadi; Vliolah Mohamadi; Alireza Abbasi; Hamid Mohamadi; Mohammad Esmaeilpour; Zeynab Bayat; Behruz Torkashvand